3.8m HDMI 4K Ultra Gaming Cable

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3.8m HDMI 4K Ultra Gaming Cable
3.8m HDMI 4K Ultra Gaming Cable
3.8m HDMI 4K Ultra Gaming Cable
3.8m HDMI 4K Ultra Gaming Cable

High-Definition Performance

Our 3.8m HDMI 4K Ultra Gaming Cable™ boasts high-speed HDMI 2.0 compliance to maximize your graphical output and keep your gaming display crystal clear. It supports Ethernet, 3D, Audio Return Channel (ARC), High Dynamic Range Video and 4K Ultra HD @ 60 FPS. High-quality gold-plated contacts minimize interference, signal loss and digital timing errors, providing stunning clarity and clear sound for the ultimate gaming experience. This cable is exceptionally durable, with a flex strain relief design and an exterior nylon braid. The flat construction provides flexible installation options and the included velcro strap offers additional cable management options. It is backed by KontrolFreek's Lifetime Limited Warranty. Our warranty covers any defects in materials or workmanship under normal use conditions, for as long as you own the cable. It is compatible with PlayStation and Xbox devices.

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