We all want to improve on our game, be it achieving a better K/D ratio in our favorite shooter, cutting our times in the latest racing sim, or kicking more field goals. Gaming goals differ from person to person, but one thing remains a constant: there's an easy way to get a leg up on the competition. One way is to incorporate KontrolFreek Performance Thumbsticks into your routine, and another is to outfit your regular controllers with KontrolFreek Precision Rings.  

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If you want a legitimate edge against your opponents, be them real or virtual, Precision Rings are a simple and easy solution to improving your aim and your game. They're real, science-backed solutions that anyone can turn to, and they don't even change the way your analog thumbsticks look or feel.

But how’s it all work? It’s easy: here’s a quick breakdown. Our Precision Rings are meant to improve accuracy by helping you zero in on the target, so to speak. This kind of customized precision helps you to choose what kind of resistance you have against your own controller movements, with the option to change up your analog stick sensitivity to your liking -- or push it all the way to the max. How do they accomplish all of these things and more? Let's take a look at their soft durable construction and their shape.

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These ring-shaped foam pieces are built to create a cushion between your thumbstick and the outer edge where your thumbstick often hits, likely during heated races, while you're sprinting toward a target in a first-person shooter, or maximizing the power you want to sink into a great kick or putt in your favorite sports title. The added cushioned layer makes it difficult to move your thumbstick in the real world. That means when you set higher sensitivity for your controller in games like Fortnite or Call of Duty, you notice it’s easier to move around in general.

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Plus, KontrolFreek Precision Rings are crafted from a flexible, moisture-wicking material that adds even more resistance to your stock thumbsticks. You'll notice that the harder you push, the more your Precision Rings' material will compact in an effort to keep your sticks cushioned. This will stop you from shooting at or around your target and keep you focusing, within the bounds of what you're aiming for. You'll snap to targets faster, and you'll get more headshots -- period.

But why do you need our Precision Rings to accomplish all that? Not just any type of foam will do, as you've likely noticed when using this product line, or even our Performance Thumbsticks. Our Rings are created with a flexible material that excels in shock absorption as well as comfort, the type used in vehicles like tanks and aircrafts. They're resistant to the oils secreted by your hands and fingers, and if you find that they ever get stretched out too far, they'll simply go back to their original shape.

Everything about our Precision Rings have been crafted specifically with science in mind to help you stay at the top of your game. They've also been made with your comfort and enjoyment in mind.

Think you're ready to give KontrolFreek Precision Rings a try? You've got three strengths to choose from: Soft, Medium, and Hard. Our newer Soft Rings are the best for beginners, while our Hard Rings offer the most resistance possible. Every model will fit on any controller, no matter whether you're playing on Xbox, PlayStation, or Switch.

No matter which Precision Rings you choose, you can rest assured that getting better can and will come in the form of science-backed satisfaction. The only thing you need to do now is figure out which set of Rings work best for you.

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