Video games are part of KontrolFreek’s everyday life. And now, we get to indulge in them more than ever before. While we are sticking true to current favorites (Warzone, anybody?), we have also picked up new adventures and exciting challenges by switching up what we’re playing. Here’s a list of old and new video games that have brought solace and taken our attention while we stay home. Bonus: we’ve included games to play for when you need to unplug entirely. 


Video Games to Pick Up While You Social Distance 


    1. Call of Duty® Warzone: Call of Duty’s first free-to-play battle royale style game launched in March. The perfect game for joining forces with friends and dropping into a battleground with up to 150 players. Tips to gain a victory royale.

    2. MLB® The Show™ 20: Pick up the bat and get behind the plate from the comfort of your couch. Play like an allstar through this expansive RPG experience. 

    3.   Doom Eternal: Blow off some steam and raze hell with this Bethesda first person shooter video game full of demons to battle. More on how to raze hell in DOOM with this gameplay guide. 

    4. Animal Crossing: New Horizons: The KontrolFreek office is obsessed to say the least. This new release for Nintendo Switch is full of relaxing, simulated fun. Plus, you can socialize with friends virtually by visiting their islands. 

    5. FIFA 20: A new version of a tried and true classic. Scrimmage your friends in football playgrounds all over the world. 

    6. Rocket League: This ranks up there in a KontrolFreek favorite. Enjoy endless hours of fun with this high-powered hybrid of soccer and racing. 

    7. Super Mario Odyssey: Join Mario on his mission to save Princess Peach from Bowser in this globe trotting 3D video game. 

    8. Overwatch: Whether you’ve been a fan for a while or picking it up for the first time, this first person shooter video game is full of thrilling actions and unique characters. 

    9. Fortnite: Get sucked into friendly competition with one of the best known video games. Free-to-play and guaranteed to provide hours of escape. 

    10. Apex Legends: Battle for fame and glory in this futuristic Battle Royale style video game that is played in first person. Another classic free-to-play game. 

    11. NBA 2K20: Join along with some of your favorite NBA players in this basketball simulation video game. Get on the court with real life players or create your own team. 

    12. Jackbox Party Packs: Fun for the whole family or just the adults. The Jackbox Party Packs provide an endless house of entertainment, allowing up to ten players per game through mobile devices. Tip: Download it to your computer and hop in a video conference call to play with friends. 

    13. Final Fantasy VII Remake: After years of anticipation, a remake of one of our favorite RPGs ever is finally here! For those who played the original, the remake really hit us right in the nostalgia but still looks and feels like a fresh, new game. 

    14. Valorant: For all you PC loyalists, this free-to-play multiplayer first person shooter game has been all the talk lately (hop on Twitch and see for yourself). The game is currently in closed beta and is expected to release in Summer 2020. 

As avid gamers, we know how to escape and get lost for hours in the screen. But when you do need a break, here are some ideas to keep the gameplay going. 

When You Need to Unplug 

  1. Cards - Play classic games like Texas Hold Em and President or break out card games like Uno and Cards Against Humanity 

  2. Board Games - They never get old. Office fan favorites include Catan, Monopoly and Telestrations. 

  3. Puzzles - Challenge yourself with puzzles that have 500+ pieces. You can find everything from galaxy puzzles to city map puzzles. 

Have a game to add to the list? Tweet us @KontrolFreek and tell us what games you are playing to connect with friends while we social distance. #FreekNation

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