The leaves are turning, there's a cold, crispness to the air, and there's more new Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone content to wade through. It's another epic drop for anyone looking to jump into either game, with a smorgasbord of new goodies. It's the last drop before Call of Duty: Vanguard's debut, so this one had to be big.

As usual, we've got everything you need to know about our favorite updates and changes that came with Season Six, as it just dropped on October 12. This time, the order of the day is getting ready for Vanguard integration.

Without further ado, here's everything you need to know about Season Six and what you have to look forward to the next time you jump in-game before Vanguard kicks off a whole new chapter of Call of Duty in November.

Get Ready for Call of Duty: Vanguard With A Massive Free Drop

With Vanguard right around the corner on November 5, there's plenty more to be excited about than just the holidays. Vanguard will be integrated with Warzone soon enough, but you'll get to try out some of what Vanguard has oto offer with the Season Six Battle Pass.

Sledgehammer Games, in tandem with Call of Duty: Warzone lead studio Raven, has made 24 items from Vanguard available in the Season Six Battle Pass. It's a historic, first-time event that's never happened in a prior Call of Duty. You can earn every single one by playing Warzone or Black Ops Cold War, so if you want a taste, jump right in today!


New Season Six Battle Pass Tiers

This time around, there will be 24 additional Battle Pass tiers for the Season Six Battle Pass. They're all free, and they'll be available to toggle on and off. You can grab a free Legendary Sticker right now from those 24 other tiers, for use in both Black Ops Cold War and Warzone. There will also be a Double Weapon XP Token you can use in Vanguard when it's out or Warzone right now.

This is the way you'll see both Vanguard and Warzone work together going forward since Vanguard will essentially be "replacing" Black Ops Cold War as the main non-Warzone game for the foreseeable future going forward. You can unlock all 24 pieces of Vanguard content right now and use them all in Warzone. And when you tear into Vanguard soon, you'll get them there, too.

New Weapons to Get You Vanguard-Ready

Along with the new tiers to the Season Six Battle Pass, you'll get a variety of new weapons, including the new German-manufactured Assault Rifle and the United States' Marksman Rifle: the M1 Garand. You'll find them as Weapon Blueprints, with two for each base weapon, in the free Battle Pass tiers. Each will earn you Weapon XP as you use them that will carry into Vanguard and Warzone. This essentially gives you a bit of a headstart before Vanguard drops.

New Weapon Blueprints, Sprays, Tokens, and More

With Vanguard's debut, there will be a series of a few different blueprints to take a look at, including the Bonerattler Assault Rifle at Tier 24, Warning Track Assault Rifle at Tier 64, White Obsidian Tactical Rifle at Tier 34, and Heirloom Tactical Rifle at Tier 72. Each weapons have two Weapon Blueprints each, but there's even more to look forward to that you can use immediately within Warzone that will carry over to Vanguard.

First of all, through tiers 1 through 98,l you can expect to unlock the following:

● Three new Calling Cards and two new Emblems you can use to decorate your profile.
● Three new Sprays you can use throughout Warzone and, eventually, Vanguard.
● Six Double XP totals, including two for standard XP, two for weapons, and two for Operator XP.
● Three new Weapon Charms and two Stickers for just about every Vanguard weapon.
● A new "Clocked In" wristwatch accessory, the final reward unlocked at Tier 98.

Needless to say, there’s a lot to look forward to here!

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