Enter Now for a Chance to Win & Upgrade Your Dad's Gameplay! We've teamed up with a few video game fathers to give you the chance to pick up a new game for your own Dad, as well as other KontrolFreek prizes!
Check these Gamer-Dads out to see what games they play with their kids and enter to win their prize pack! ChaosXSilencer - Plays Injustice 2 with his daughter. Enter Chaos' Contest to Win Injustice 2, FPS Freek Call of Duty Heritage and our 12-FT Gaming Cable!
WishYouLuckk - Plays Destiny with His Daughter. Enter WishYouLuckk's Contest to Win A Bungie Dev Team Autographed Destiny: The Collection, Destiny 2 CQC Signature Edition and KontrolFreek Grips!
Snipng for Dom - Plays Call of Duty with His Son. Enter Sniping for Dom's Contest to Win Call of Duty World War II Pre-Order, FPS Freek Call of Duty Heritage and KontrolFreek Grips!
  • Clintus - Plays Overwatch with His Kids. Enter Clintus' Contest to Win Overwatch, FPS Freek Galaxy, KontrolFreek Grips and our 12-FT Gaming Cable!
Don't Miss Your Chance to Win! Contest Ends June 13 at 11:59 PM EST


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