We have an exciting announcement for all our gamers out there! KontrolFreek has deemed August 6th as a yearly holiday to celebrate our FreekNation community. Throughout the years FreekNation has grown to be over 4 million strong globally. Our community is a hub where gamers can find and share tips, tricks, support, and motivation to level-up their games. FreekNation Day is all about bringing together our community of social followers, Creators, Forge Esports members, partners, and retailers for a day of fun filled with games, streams, and a scavenger hunt! Here are some different ways you can join us in celebrating our very first #FreekNationDay

  1. Scavenger Hunt: We have hidden our signature Icon Face somewhere secret on KontrolFreek.com. If you find and click it, you will enter in a chance to win a prize pack from us and our partners! 

  2. Social: Chat with us on @KontrolFreek Twitter by using our hashtag #FreekNationDay and tell us why you love being part of our FreekNation community. We may just show you off on our social channels!

  3. Community Game Night: Join our stream over on Twitch, starting at 3pm ET,  for a night of games and giveaways with our Creators, Forge members, and industry partners! 

  4. Exclusives: Free exclusive #FreekNationDay sticker for the first 500 who order from KontrolFreek.com

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