Let's goooooo

It's been a long time coming! Finally non-influencers are going to be able to check out Modern Warfare in all of its reimagined glory. There's not much else to say about it! 

But with betas there is always a certain degree of uncertainty. Many times, features from the full game aren't even be available. And for good reason. 

Anyway, we decided to scour the internet one last time and confirm which game modes will be available at the launch of the Modern Warfare Beta this weekend. So hope you don't mind that this one is short and sweet. 

Playable modes as of 9/12: 

  1. Team Deathmatch

  2. Domination

  3. Headquarters

  4. NVG (Night Vision Variants)

  5. Cyber Attack

  6. Realism

That's it for now! They'll most likely update with new modes as the beta progresses, so check back in through the weekend for updates! 

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