The Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots are headed to Minnesota! Congratulations to these teams for securing their NFC and AFC titles.

As promised, when these teams win – you win! Here are our 10 winners drawn randomly from the comments on our Facebook and Twitter posts who will be receiving their team’s Xbox controller:

@The_One_Unique , Eagles, Twitter
Lisa H, Patriots, Facebook
Brandon D, Eagles, Facebook
@DarkCape313, Patriots, Twitter
@GIZMOCIVIC, Eagles, Twitter
Gabriel O, Patriots, Facebook
@Altareia, Eagles, Twitter
Jeremy C, Patriots, Facebook
Bryan P, Eagles, Facebook
@TyWalker55, Patriots, Twitter

Winners from Twitter will be contacted via DM to claim. Winners from Facebook will receive comment replies asking to send a Private Message.

Thank you to all who participated and to everyone for being a part of #FreekNation! 

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